Morning Wonders

And then I have realized… I really love mornings. I have actually never been a morning person, never managed to wake up before 12 pm and feel like I am full of energy, but kind of empty. For so long I have been living only through the night and my mornings were somehow lost in my endless sleeping routine. Then I accidentally once stayed up the whole night and felt that magical feeling of the first light of the day. I am lying. It was not accidentally, more like, intentionally. And something changed within me.


I felt that beautiful moment when everything gets really quiet, that nanosecond of real silence. Then magically everything starts waking up, everything starts breathing again, people starts moving, birds – singing, sun – shining… But that magical moment while everything still sleeps, and the sun is trying to rise up from deep down beneath when it’s spreading its hands to reach this world and begins another day in humans life. In that moment everything is simple and… Empty. But it’s that kind of emptiness that makes your soul glimpse and shines brightly, and it makes you hold your breath till everything becomes real again. In that moment I held my breath and I stopped everything. My life stopped, my breathing, my heart, I stopped moving, turning, thinking. I just stopped and stood there absorbing the silence, feeling it on my skin, in my bones, in every part of my body and even deeper in my soul, flowing through my whole being like a beautiful wild water.
Then the moment passed, my freedom was once again taken by the tiredness of my body and I fell back to my routine of the sleeping trough the day. I ignored that feeling for so long. I ignored it, and it was slowly growing inside of me until it suddenly started to overflow me until it started to echoes inside of my empty human body.
Then I realized I need to change.
Then I have changed.
Then I started to wake up earlier and earlier, bit by bit, step by step.
And I have found out that I honestly, purely love mornings.
What I love about it though?

I love the scent of the air that is still fresh and clear, still new and somehow light, simple and unique. I love how the sun is still bright yellow, and how the breeze is touching my feelings and waking them up gently. I love how the ground is breathing, how the grass is shining and growing with its full strength.
And people… Have you notice how people are honest while they’re sleepy? While their mind is still trying to gain strength to pull itself out of the shell he was stuck in through the night… Have you notices how everything smells so good in the morning? How beautiful warm bread mixed with the soft smell of coffee is absorbing you and it’s tickling all your senses?But, have you noticed how books seem beautiful in the morning? How every word that is written is more meaningful and truer.

I love it. I love how sleepy I am, how I am trying to get myself back to reality, how I am filling in my world bit by bit with every morning that I live trough.
If you, yet, haven’t noticed, try. Maybe you’ll gain your will to live again. And then breathe in the sun, the rain and clouds, breathe in the day and start walking into the night.
Let me breathe you in.

Kristina Kurtjak, BlubWords

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