Life of a traveler

There are many different kinds of people on this planet. Happy people, sad, lonely people, joyful, playful, childish, miserable… The list goes on and on forever. It’s almost an endless sheet of paper that is crowded with the groups of people that are connected in one way or another. And then, in the end, there’s me.

Randomly confused girl. Randomly not fitting anywhere. Randomly not being part of anything. Just randomly random human being.
You know, it’s not that I am confused… Not really, I am just living outside of this box… It’s not that I am not fitting in, I can easily manage that. I just… I do not want it. Fitting in means staying in one place forever, it means playing by the rules. I can’t seem to be able to let myself live that way. You know, I do not like to play by the rules. I either play on my own or not at all. But no rules in my world.

On the other side, it’s an adventure that’s calling me, that’s “grinding my gears” and making me feel free and full inside… It’s about those lights of the world that are making my heart starts beating faster and faster. About those people that are breathing their dreams into me. And those souls that are flowing trough me like the beautiful warm wind through the starry summer night. I can tell you that every second in an adventure means second that’s not wasted in a life of a traveler.

It’s not that I am asking too much… But I just want to travel. Nothing much. No one needs to see me, nor hear from me ever again. No one needs to take care of me nor worry about me. I’ll just disappear into the night, and I’ll live like a bird, in a different city every other day, on the wings of mind, traveling through my time.

Life on a road

Before I start, I am going to ask you one simple question, but you have to think about it. Think about it hard and the first honest answer that comes into your mind is a real one. Then you can lie to yourself about the truth of that answer, but deep down, inside, you’ll always know… So tell me… Is there anything more beautiful than living your life on four wheels, never looking back, never staying for too long, never getting too bored? Give yourself a second and imagine… Imagine your whole world fitting in one simple bag. Imagine you being able to just sit and drive into the sunset without worrying is there someone back there waiting for you. Imagine being free. Imagine packing everything you have. And that everything is not even much, it’s just… Enough. Enough for you, and yet… Too little for anyone else.

It sounds beautiful… I know… It makes you smile, I know… It makes you want to be able to just go. I know.  I live like that since… Since I first realized what traveling means. Things that I have just described to you… They are creating one wonderful life. It’s called the life of a traveler…
That life is far more different that ordinary life that you have a chance to see everywhere around you. From the start, you’ll have to understand that no everyone’s going to accept you, and not everyone’s going to love your way of living it. But in the end, who are they to judge you?

You have to know that you’ll spend your life traveling and connecting with the world through nature, roads, people, culture. You’ll spend your lifetime giving a piece of yourself to every smile you see, to every single wind that blows, to every leaf that’s magically coloring the Fall,  to every snowflake that covers the ground in winter. To everything and everyone, cause yet, in the end, you’ll still have enough left to you.  It’s like a puzzle… But not a puzzle where you have to put pieces of yourself together, to build yourself, but a puzzle where you have to give the pieces of yourself to the world and take pieces of the world to build yourself.

Now… Imagine knowing things about every single country there is… Knowing secrets and stories, that you can’t find anywhere, except in the mind of a human that lives in the certain area. Imagine being able to tell many, many, many colorful stories from here and there. From an adventure in Canada, from the trip to Germany, from canoeing the wild river in Finland, from dancing in India, from the festival in Mexico. Imagine being one little travel guide, one little travel book. Imagine, imagine, imagine… But…

No! I do not want to only imagine and dream about it. I want to live it. Every day. I want to breath different air every night, I want to wake up to the sound of different life every morning. I want it, it’s making me alive.

Alone but not lonely

Here comes the part about what’s scaring people the most about being a traveler… Let me pick this secret from the deepest parts of your soul. It’s about being alone, am I right? But I have to tell you… Being alone is not as bad as it sounds. It’s actually something that everyone should be able to deal with… After all, being alone means being with yourself, on your own. If you are not able to be on your own how are you ever going to be with someone else? And one more thing… You maybe are alone, but you are not lonely… You can’t be lonely when you color your life with different colors of the wind. Different colors of the world… And all those colors you are going to keep in your heart once and for all. You have to take me for granted because I know. I tried.

And on the other side… Not every traveler needs to travel alone… If you manage, on your journey, to connect with a soul that loves to be free with you around, then you two can start your journey, together… There’s always that one special someone who’ll end up filling in every piece of you that’s missing.

Dreams and wishes

But above all…. All I want is to just make my very few dreams come true… I want to leave everything and take a map and go. Yes, a map… Not a smartphone, nor any kind of other devices. I want a just an old rusty map, and one old Polaroid camera, and one warm smile and some blue eyes. And I want to go. To go out there, into the big wild world, and to start to live.  And I want to write about it. I want to dream about it. And one day, after many many days far from home, I want to come back… I want to look at my big world map on our wall, I want to pin my pictures to that map, to every place where the picture was taken. I want to empty memories out of my pockets, and then… Then I want to leave again, to the other side of the world… That I haven’t seen yet… To the other side of my dreams that are painting my reality with their warm hands.
And remember…
The world is a playground, and the traveler is a kid of the world.

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  • Excellent writing, you have talent, but talent requires nurturing hard work, and there are only 2 articles here, so keep up with writing, it is quite good…

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